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We help you establish solid legal foundations to protect your business. This frees creatives to create, business owners to build, and seekers to seek.

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Legal Ease–Not Legalese

We make the complex simple. When entrepreneurs understand key legal issues you are empowered to advocate for your business. We keep it real. Accessible.

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Entrepreneurs on the Journey With You

We created this law firm with a passion for helping people who are helping people. Sandstar Law was formed by a multi-passionate entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. We understand the journey.

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No-Nonsense Pricing

Legal confidence is for everyone. We offer affordable, flat-rate pricing for personalized service. Life is full of surprises…. Your legal bill shouldn’t be one of them!


with clear, affordable pricing

As an entrepreneur, you put so much time, energy, capital, and heart into building your brand and developing your business. You know you need to protect your business, but you’re not sure where to start. An internet search sends you diving down a rabbit hole for hours, and it’s still not clear what you actually need to do or how to make it work for your business. It’s much more fun to create. So…“get legal” is bumped down to the bottom of your list. Again.

Let’s check that off your list. We develop a legal plan for you: what you need now; what you’ll need as you grow and scale. And we do so with a clear budget, so that you can balance the needs of your growing business.

A trusted

I’m so glad you’re here! I am Ashley Fillingim, a lawyer and an entrepreneur who is creating and growing right beside you. I would love to hear what you are creating, who you are helping, and what you are dreaming for the growth ahead.

I spent two decades at a top-tier international law firm—including over 10 years as a litigation partner—representing clients in complex, high-profile, bet-the-company cases. It was great! But something was missing…

I left “Big Law” and launched Sandstar Law with the dream of making entrepreneurs feel safe, empowered, and supported. I’m here to show you that law doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming.

We’ve got you!

Our Process

Is your business secure? We provide a legal roadmap—a plan developed specifically for your entrepreneurial journey—to protect you along the way.


Tell Us About Your Business

How did you get here? Where do you want to go? First, complete a simple form answering some basic questions. We will conduct an initial strategic assessment to ensure this is a good fit (before you spend a single dime).


Schedule a Conversation

Real talk with an attorney and fellow entrepreneur about your business. Your vision, mission, plans, dreams…. All. The. Things.

We dive deep into your business—assessing your current legal protections and identifying vulnerable areas. 


Develop a Legal Roadmap

We create a strategic legal plan tailored to your existing business and future goals. This plan explains the “why” behind every recommendation and sets a clear budget for each step. And we provide video modules offering further training in each area to empower you along the journey.

Randi Zuckerberg
Producer, Investor, Performer, Entrepreneur, and “Professional Mom to Startups

I can’t think of anyone else who’d be better at protecting startups and entrepreneurs, as an entrepreneur in law yourself. . . . . You truly do Kick Ash!

Tamar Medford
The Road Beyond Recovery Podcast Host, Beyond Recovery Author, Coach

I have worked with Ashley one on one and also through group training sessions I have participate in. I appreciate how knowledgeable and easy to work with she is. Ashley has helped me address some legal concerns I had when I started my business and has continued to provide guidance along the way. She has certainly made this journey so much easier and I appreciate all her expertise!

Leslie Durso
Vegan Chef & Wellness Expert

Working with Ashley is like working with an old friend! She has provided me with so much insight and guidance while establishing my business. She helps navigate the legal world in a way that is understandable and fun!

Allison Melody
host of the Food Heals Podcast, Food Heals author, serial entrepreneur

Ashley is one of my favorite people in the world and a badass boss babe attorney!  She is constantly teaching me ways to protect my businesses, collaborating with me along the way.  As entrepreneurs, we don’t know what we don’t know … but Ashley will break it down and make it real and actionable.

Marissa Imon
Author, Speaker, Musician, host of the Incandescent Podcast

Before meeting with Ashley, I was terrified of all things legal. I felt so in over my head and clueless! But Ashley brings this beautifully comforting spirit to the process that instilled me with a sense of confidence, security, and clarity—where I once felt hopelessly lost. She is so patient and kind and felt like my own personal legal cheerleader. She made me feel safe.  I’m so happy to have her in my corner.

Are You Protected?

Are your personal assets protected and clearly separate from your business assets? Is your brand secure? Are you certain that you are not infringing someone else’s brand? Are your business relationships locked down with appropriate contracts, tailored to you? Is your website legally compliant?

Even if you have some of these things in place, how long has it been since you have taken a careful look to be certain they still fit the business you’ve grown?

Our Services

Legally, you don’t know what you don’t know! We are here to help.
Peace of mind is priceless.



Legal planning and strategy tailored to your business

Brand Protection


Brand review with recommended strategies to ensure your brand and content are protected



Legal planning for monetization through sponsors, brand and content protection strategies, and training on legal limitations specific to podcast hosts

Corporate Formation


Securing your LLC and formalities related to your business

*Partial credit applied to future legal work performed

OGC Package

$222/month subscription service

You need an OG... C!  Outside General Counsel—that is, an attorney on speed dial. This is a membership plan that includes on-call legal advice, document review, general consultation, and training.

Work With Us

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a plan in place, on track, and on budget.
Schedule a consultation; we’ll have a real conversation.


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